Summer Chronicles – Chapter 7: Exodus…and TEDxDoha

That’s that! Final day at the Doha Film Institute was “weird” – that desk is going to be very lonely without me sitting on it. On the other hand, I’ve got something else in mind to do for the whole semester. Allow me to have the honor of removing the veil on Project X….but you’ll have to wait for it!


Week 8

As much as I hate writing this, it’s also kind of tearful that I have to. I need to wrap up this internship arc, so that I can start blogging on another arc. I gave in my laptop as I had gotten it –  even though I was handicapped with Windows XP. I’d rather prefer Windows 7 as it doesn’t slow me down with regards to my workflow. I said my goodbyes to the Web team (eric, Tarek, and Soraya). *sigh* I guess the only connection that I have with DFi right now is….I’ll save this for the later part of this post :P.

My first proper internship and that also at a place that didn’t enforce such a strict white-collar corporate dress code. I think young people are getting sick of the entire formal dress code, as they aspire for places like Google, Apple (still operate like the world’s largest startup), and start-ups like Dropbox, foursquare, and Facebook (I wonder if they still count themselves as a startup even though they are now at 500mil+ users).

Guess they’ll all be tied up with festival preparations….Now all that’s left is the evaluation feedback from CMU-Q, and I don’t know when that will be out.


Summer has come to an end, and I switch my car to the academic Scudeira Ferrari model. One week of Ramadan has been done, and most of my iftars have been on other people (I didn’t even shell out money, except for when I had cravings for Mandarin’s juices and other things). I even got to pick up my books, with 3 more on back order as they haven’t arrived. Talk about the stack that I have, I realise that they are only going to get expensive.

One more thing…our Library Director has put me on a pilot testing project for the iPads as the library is expecting to check them out to students. Talk about reading books on the go and you can also carry them with you taking up 1/n of space (I think n should be some large number relative to each person). Right now, I’m writing this entry from the iPad that I’ve been given, and making recommendations along the go – hoping to have a thorough overview of things to be done and also apps to be put on all of them. I guess Apple has tapped into the Education market really well, and we also get to use the CMU Kindles on them. Here’s hoping that the Sidra Medical & Research Centre is already thinking of using them, especially if they want to be a ‘zero-paper’ hospital and having the latest and best electronic infrastructure for its operations.

Regarding Project X….

Project X is none other than TEDxDoha, and it’s taking place on October 29. It’s probably going to be the biggest undertaking ever, as we get the community on board and foster “ideas” that can change the world. Chris Anderson once said the following in an interview:

I’m an idealist. I believe that people can change the world…

It’s amazing that TED has become such a neutral platform to bring about those unsung heroes who have done insightful and great things but don’t have the fame of celebs and others. They seek to make a difference, and even well known celebs (Jeff Bezos, Sir Richard Branson, Gordon Brown, Jullian Assange,….I could go on and on) have shared their insights.

Watch out for more details as the Twitterverse and Facebook realm will storm cyberspace with more info, courtesy of the B&B Syndicate and the Doha Film Institute.


The last of my profiles…

Ben Robinson

Probably the last person that I’m going to profile, especially as this is my last entry on DFI people. Ben is quite a character – pure Anglo accent and hails from Britain. Come to think of it, a lot of people at DFI are from Britain. Luckily, I can pick up on British sarcasm. I don’t think that I’ll write much about him, but I’ll let his YouTube channel do the speaking – it’s not for the faint of heart but be ready for it.

Thomas Hines

This man is a prodigy when it comes to cameras. I think he’s too professional in his realm of expertise that he’s like google here and everyone else is either Yahoo or Bing. He knows what he’s doing and he knows how to improve other things when he sees room for it. I’d rather say that you see him in action as he’ll give you a crash-course on camera usage, and you’ll be able to retain whatever he explains. Forget about thick books, and just grab him to lecture you with actual equipment.

Thus ends the Summer Chronicles. I’m going to start of my next arc, as I tie it into my last semester here at Carnegie Mellon Qatar (Yup, I’ll be done this December) – I haven’t even decided on a name.

I don’t know where life will take me, but I look forward to intern somewhere and learn things from the pros.


Summer Chronicles – Chapter 6: Winding down with some fun

Kind of sad that I write this entry especially when I’m in my last week of interning with the Doha Film Institute. Even my boss and other colleagues have been thinking about what to do with the empty desk that has been my workspace. Guess that’s going to be a physics problem of its own. On the other hand, I’m heading back to classes for one more semester. Thank goodness that it’s my last one, and then I’m free.


Week 7

I’d say that the godo stuff has only started as I end my internship with these guys. Good thing is that Project X (I thought I’d give it a codename) is advancing in greater directions than I imagined. Courtesy of the B&B Syndicate – Reem, Sultana, Omer, Florent, Abdalla, and myself – along with DFI, things are now starting to ramp up with respect to how we are going to strike hard with the action plan. Did I mention that it’s BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG? Trust me, it’s become a global movement that we’re keeping a tight lid about it. I’m sure some out there may have figured it out; if not, then hold your breath!

On an even greater note, I got to see my next video of fame. With the wondrous whiz fingers of A.J Maki and his Final Cut talents, combined with the filming done by the crew, he’s put together another masterpiece (Here’s the video). Of course, it also stars myself in another one of their amazzing videos. Amanda Palmer was even impressed that it took it to the next level from my first outing. Guess I’ve become their young brand ambassador!

*sigh* I’ve got a lot of memories with DFI, and there’s now way I’m forgetting about them. Did I forget to mention that Ramadan already started? That’s one of the symptoms of forgetting certain details, as you abstain from food and water until sunset. Good thing Ramadan work hours are in effect, and they will be when classes are in session


August already, and I’m counting down the days till I head back to college. Qatar Foundation also held their International Orientation, welcoming 100 students from different corners of the globe. Got a chance to attend some of their events as their budding photographer. What was even mmore fun was the group of people who put it all together – Sultana Jesmine, Abdalla Ezadin, Safiullah Taye, Shehryar Khan, and Ernest Appiah. This was comedy unfolding infront of my eyes, especially when Ernest became “The Boy in the Box”. What a title for a book, and I even have the perfect cover picture for it.

Leading it to the last day, we also saw the celebration of Pakistan’s Independence Day at the stroke of midnight on 14th. They literally took up the entire stage. Even with all that they are suffering (insurgents, bombings, and even the recent catastrophic floods), they still stand strong – but Pakistan chose to cancel all celebrations to help the flood victims. Did I mention that I had to put up a short video of the whole International Orientation in a matter of 4 hours? People are now clamoring for the pictures…good thing I burned them on DVD – and it came back with only 4MiB of free space. I must have taken more photos than last year’s to have filled up an entire disc.


Amanda Palmer

I think I’d need a whole Wikipedia article dedicated to her just to describe anything and everything. Correction, somebody did the legwork for it already, and it’s right here. I can only write so much without rephrasing what’s in the link. You can say that I’ve had the privilege of working with here on Project X (still hush hush!). Along with my associates from the B&B Syndicate, she is eager to empower a film community here that flourishes and thrives from the pool of talent that Scandar Copti (Wait for his profile :P). I thought she came from New Zealand, but I was close enough to know that she’s Australian. She was in for a surprise when I came in dressed all formal with my other B&B colleagues for our ‘meeting’ (That’s also hush hush!). She lives, breathes, eats, works, and does anything related to DFI with respect to meetings. I’ve only seen her like half the time for the weeks I’ve been interning.

Another thing….wherever Amanda goes, Maggie Kim is never far away and vice-versa. They are an inseparable army of two – armed to the teeth with their trusty Blackberry devices.

Maggie Kim

She’s worked with the Tribeca Film Festival in New York for the past years, and now she shuttles between there and Doha to manage 2 festivals. You can say that with her experience for putting up such a grandiose showcase of film appreciation, you’d want to bring in someone who’d let the community do the talking about the movies. In the first staff meeting, she even asked my boss “Who’s the gentlemen right next to you?” Once the details were dispelled, that’s when the “ohhh….now I remember you from the videos” kicked in. She’s constantly on the run with her trusty Blackberry sidekick. Here I’m thinking that Amanda and her are like the Dynamic Duo, which they are.

I haven’t even addressed either of them by their first names…YET. Guess that time will come…

Scandar Copti

The man who’s the comedic face of DFI. Did I mention that he went all Avatar and Braveheart-esque for an acting workshop video callout? You can’t find anyone else than him to don such a thing. What about his Gladiator stint, with sand spewing into his face? I could go on, but I’d rather let you see it for yourself. He speaks fluent Arabic, as he’s from Palestine. You can say that he’s out there in the field for the Education Dept. as his other compatriot is none other than Ben Robinson (You’ll have to wait for his bio next time – it’ll be worth it :D).

As much as I realize that the Intern part will end with my next entry, another series shall begin. As Project X evolves to its unveiling, so shall all you readers discover more about the whereabouts of its origins and how it has culminated to what it has and will become to empower the community.

The B&B Syndicate will bring you more than what you can ever imagine.

Signing out till next time!

Summer Chronicles – Chapter 5: Details…


Week 6

You can say that this week was jam-packed with details galore for what I’ve received last week. It’s gotten to the point that now it’s what I breathe, eat, and sleep. In addition, the B&B Syndicate members (I’m part of it as well) have been meeting in parallel to this. We got done with our meeting with DFI on Saturday and now we’re working on how we can get it out there. Now comes the brunt of the work, as we sit down and strategize our attack plan.


Look out for us – the B&B Syndicate is coming to you!

In other news, the week also had a nice setting for a workshop on videoart – sort of an avant-garde form of expression in film by Koken Ergun (Couldn’t type that Turkish dots on the u). Also ran into a friend who graduated from Georgetown and works for Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation. Got to see it unfold with the participants, as I did my usual set of photography.

I realized that I only have 2 weeks before I head back to college and say BYE BYE to my internship. My boss has expressed interest in me still being on board during the semester. Still wondering how to work that out…

On top of that, I’m starting to miss this place. Film submissions have been closed, and the final film slate is due to be announced. Now the real countdown begins as DFI prepares to hit the streets of Doha.

How am I ever going to keep up?


Summer is coming to an end. Orientation kicks off the coming weeks and then it’s back to classes. *sigh* Thank goodness this is my last semester – I’m looking forward to getting out of college.

People have already started to flock back, especially those who live in the dorms. Did I mention that it accompanies the new faces grazing us?

Sunday is going to be kind of a killer – there’s the tweetup and then there’s a meeting with my fellow B&B Syndicate members. Which one do I go?


Ama Akumoah

I’m still wondering if I did spell her last name correctly. A Ghanian working at the most hectic arm of DFI – the Education division. It’s always buzzing around with somethign happening: shuttling between the Tribeca Filmmakers Program, workshops, and then filming out and about for anything that’s needed. She’s always out there.

I tend to wear Ghana shirts and she immediately recognized it. I told her that my father went there couple of times. Too bad I couldn’t pick up some of the dialect from my dad.

Abdul-Jabbar Maki

Everyone at office calls him Maki, but I always wondered what the A.J stood for. Luckily, when the Education division called for me to film a volunteer callout video (yes, you’ll be seeing me again in my fame and glory), I posed that question to him and challenged that I’d get the initials right. The A was easy it was the J that was a little bit tricky. I thought along the lines of Jassim and the to Jaber but thought of adding an extra ‘b’ and replace the ‘e’ with the ‘a’. Worked out correct!

He’s a whiz at Final Cut Pro. If you’ve seen the videos at the DFI website, thank him for all that work, and now he’s gotten more editors to help him out as things get hectic and crazy for the festival.

He’s been saying one thing to me over the past week with that grin and smile of his…”Yasser, do some work!”


I keep forgetting her last name. Mostly I see her helping the filming and edit work on the MacBook Pro (I used to use it before the edit work started to increase, but now I work off a Dell – eeeeyuuuck! Now I remember why I switched to Mac). She kinds of helps Tarek with the British humor flair and dose of sarcasm. She even ate the same moloukhia that Eric once did, except she wasn’t even close to finishing it off.

One more to cap off the Summer Chronicles series leading to its finale. Here’s hoping that I can ‘unveil’ the BIG thing to all of you.

TRUST ME…when I say it’s big, THINK BURJ KHALIFA * 3. I may sound exaggerating but it’ll be worth your attention.

Summer Chronicles – Chapter 4: The next leg


Week 5

The week ended on a high note for me, as I got to hear what I was eagerly looking forward to. It would come up in the meetings but I’d stay quiet with my lips sealed. Now I’m just waiting for the signal from my bosses to go out there and spread it. Trust me, this is big and it’s happening…you wouldn’t want to miss out on this one. I can’t even divulge details as I’m sworn to secrecy, but rest assured that you will want to be part of it. Question is…how many can we permit if it does go out of control?

With all that buzz, I’m constantly buzzing around learning new things. But it dreads me that now I have around 3 weeks before I head back to college. I’m split on both ends – I want to finish off my degree and get that diploma, but another is that DFI is just so vibrant that I’d miss out on everything when I leave. What do I do?


I’m writing this up on the last day of July, and it serves a stark reminder of the impending arrival of classes when it starts. Don’t even get me started with Ramadan…that’s the tough part. The QF accommodation is brimming with some life as the new and current CDAs are back for 2 weeks worth of training (they only have 1 more as of this moment) – repetitive for those who have done it but they show the no0bs the ropes on their duty rounds. You need to have someone to partially mentor these guys, just so that there are no screw ups.

One of my friends will soon begin to shoot his 10 minutes of fame as he gets the star cast set up on the set and then heads out to the site for 5 days of shooting. That’s all he gets and then 1 month in the edit room for all post-production – on top of the goal of debuting it at the Doha Tribeca Film Festival 2010.


As expected, here’s my next round of personal insights…

Soraya Benasla

Soraya joined DFI as the Web Co-ordinator after jumping ship from Qatar Airways – to think that anyone would want to leave an airline especially when one would get better rates for travel. Guess that alone wasn’t enough to keep her there! Did I forget to say that she’s married? I don’t know much beyond the answer to the previous question. What else? She even likes her cup of coffee in the morning. She was the one person who was shocked to hear when Eric had the moloukhia (if I got the spelling right – It’s some dish served by the Egyptians).

Robb Wood

How do I describe him? He also worked at Al Jazeera English before joining DFI, and Amanda Palmer brought him over as they were colleagues at Al Jazeera. What’s even better is that he’s also been involved with TED (Yes, I may be sounding a little to excited, but that alone got my adrenaline pumping). A native Seattle resident from the U.S.A (So I presume he’s proud of Starbucks being born from his state, and I guess he would also be a coffee lover).

It’s a short one for this week, but the actual stuff only unfolded infront of me that I couldn’t transcribe them into words.

Ta Ta For Now

Summer Chronicles – Chapter 3: Uncharted depths

Where do I begin? That’s the lingering question that I’ve been having since yesterday night, accompanied by the fact that I wanted to write something about a person/people that I meet/work with at the Doha Film Institute. So I thought it best to profile 2 people for each entry I post.


Week 4

WOW! I literally mean WOW. I don’t think that I’ve been on such an adrenaline rush of a roller coaster than all the previous weeks since I started. Things got pretty hectic inside the W conference room. I haven’t seen my desk for those 3 days since I’ve been in and out of the meetings – they all started at 10:00AM and ended around the 6:00PM mark. That’s quite a big stretch, but we still had our sustenance in coffee and fruits to keep us going. Eric, Tarek, Soraya and myself have been sitting in the same chairs for the past days (Eric moved around but the rest of us were in the same seats) , and that also with other departments. Did I mention that we also had a guest by the name of G (I’m keeping his name a secret). Should I just call him G or the G-Man (a la Half-Life reference)? He’s works in France so it shouldn’t make a difference at all. He’s got me hooked onto this new thing that I’m seriously considering to use for my future endeavors…so is Tarek. I think I’ll go with G-Man, as he’s only here till Tuesday.

That doesn’t matter, but I got one thing out of the meetings…I’ve probably covered atleast one college academic year’s worth of material in those meetings. How did that even happen? Well, Ms. Maggie Kim and Ms. Amanda Palmer were also present as well (I haven’t even dared to address them with their first name like my other colleagues do, cause I don’t feel that I’m at the level of doing so. I just address them with the Ms. <last name> title).

Thursday night, we head to the Souq with the G-Man as we wanted to show him the whole Qatari look and feel. Our dinner was completely seafood but still harkens back to the old fishing days. With all the chatter, I recalled my days int he U.S – especially at D&B (if you’ve been to the U.S, you should know what this acronym means). Tarek will remember me with the quote that “I wanted to be like Lara Croft”. Topped it off with Italian ice-cream from La Dolcevita…and a nice humorous photo as a memoir. i forgot to mention…I couldn’t even put Gelato Girl in here (That’s not her real name, but she did use here Egyptian reference to say that my father lives 2.5 hours by flight – Tarek made the suggestion to name her that and it’s stuck in my head since then).

Hectic week of work ended with the web team plus Emily, the “G-Man” and Gelato Girl – I still have to get the picture as my memoir.

Oh, and I realized that I only have a few weeks before this ends. Now I really don’t want to go back to college, but I have to finish off my degree. Parallel to that, preparations for this year’s festival are in full swing, but don’t expect me to leak details.


July has almost come to an end, and I’m eager to go back to classes. Only problem is that Ramadan starts around the 13th, and I’m thinking of how do I even prepare for that, especially when my family isn’t around till Eid? *sigh* guess I’m back to living independently, as I’m able to get a lot of housework done without anyone hindering me.

Things will start to get lively as people start to come back to Qatar, especially those who live in the dorms. Some of them are back for 2 weeks of CDA training (think resident Assistant), and then diving straight into QF international orientation for the incoming freshmen. Will be nice to see them.


Here’s my first set of profiles on the people I meet

Eric Hoffman

Eric is new to this country and came from the U.S. What’s even more interesting is where he worked – National Geographic, Discover Channel and The history Channel. That alone made me go gaga as those are my favourite channels to watch. He’s older than me but it doesn’t even show. Very humorous, charismatic,…. and I can’t even think of more details.

Oh, and he has been recently nominated for an Emmy for his short documentary “New Approaches, News and Documentary: Arts and Culture“. If he’s reading this, I’m sure that all the spotlight will fall on him when he flies out to attend the awards. I’m wishing him the best of luck.

Tarek Abu Esber

A little older than me, but still young and energetic. A balance between his elegance and charisma, that meshes well together. He came from Al Jazeera English, doing all aspects of Social Media. We also have one commonality – we’re both graduates from the International School of Choueifat except he finished in Abu Dhabi and I finished in Dubai. I’m amazed that I wrote the full name could have only written Choueifat for simplicity.

Both of these guys took my interview when I applied, and both are Mac people. That speaks for something!

That’s it for now…..tune in next time.

Summer Chronicles – Chapter 2: Abyss

A lot has happened over the past 2 weeks and backlogged on my blog entry. I decided to combine it into a super entry to compensate. The title does speak for it, almost like I was part of some deep-sea exploration.


Week 2

The second week is down, and things are starting to ram up. At the same time, World Cup fever is reaching fever pitch but will be gone after Sunday’s finale. Here’s hoping that I can pump and push myself for the coming months. I realised that the one thing I look forward to are the usual morning debriefing sessions in our W Residence “office” (The beds have been moved to one floor and there are just desks and a spaghetti of cables running behind us. The Web team finally moved to a makeshift office area, which was previously occupied by another department. However, I’m still trying to snuggle myself in that desk.


Well, I’ve already injured myself whenever I get up from the chair. The damn table has a sliding keyboard tray and that hits my knees…OUCH! Can’t do much, as the Doha Film Institute will eventually move to the ostentatious Cultural Village – need I remind you that it’s closed to the public but I still have snaps of the place, especially key places that are awe-inspiring. My boss(es) even took us out to a team lunch, but my boss BOSS  paid for it. Now it’s up-to the 3 of us (Tarek, Soraya, and I) to return the favor, and we know the perfect time – October 30. Hit smack right into this year’s DTFF, we’re hoping to surprise him with something on his birthday (assuming the 3 of us can even come up with something).

Another thing is the weekly staff meetings, where I was in the spotlight for my cameos that have propelled DFI to stardom as imagined by the Oscars. Sadly, the hosts Amanda Palmer and Maggie Kim are out of town. That kind of broke the rhythm for me, but we’ll be resuming that when they return.

I’m just eager to get out of the W and straight to the Cultural Village – assuming they’ve gotten the fiber optic and the food situation handled.

Week 3

This was one heck of a week, especially when it was packed with meetings. I’m eagerly looking forward to our new office space – a change from our current setup but still keeps the Web team as one cohesive Navy Seals unit. We’re each covering for each other’s six (Army rant for “I got your back!”). Oh…I didn’t mention that the moment we got desks, my knees were always hitting the sliding tray. I’ve nearly tripped when getting out of it. NOW I REALLY REALLY want to move to the Cultural Village.

Even a new set of workshops are up and running. I’ve wanted to attend this AD workshop for a while, but I was tied up other commitments. *sigh* Working with the Web team always takes the highest precedence. It’s already gotten quite interesting with regards to work. Atleast I got to go back to the Cultural Village for some photography.

I’m thinking of dedicating each of my weekly entries on a profile of a person that I meet at DFI. Will have to look into that…


Almost the middle of July and that would put me a month away from heading back to college for my last semester. My swan song will soon culminate into the epic crescendo that I’ve worked towards. Students would be killing themselves when they realise that they won’t have any exams and assignments, as they’ll be dealing with the real world and not the ‘reel’ world. I’m looking forward to wresting control from these shackles that have bound me to this constant deluge of work, work and more piled up work.

World Cup is over and Spain have cliched the coveted prize for the first time, and the Spanish captain kissing his reporter girlfriend on live TV. Paul the octopus has become quite the phenomenon, especially when other animals began to take the stage for fame and glory. Come on, how the hell can a parrot and monkey compete against the track record of a cephalopod? Don’t try to cash in on the fame, especially when you get your first chance wrong (both the animals predicted The Netherlands to win).

As for the remaining summer, I’M OFFICIALLY ALONE AT HOME UNTIL AFTER THE EID. Atleast I get to clean the house from inside out and vice-versa, and I don’t have my dad to annoy me with regards to organizing things around the place. Get to do it with all the cleaning agents that I’ve gathered around, and even household remedies.

The summer heat is also getting to my head, especially when I’ve lived through 2 of the hottest days in the week. Even my home AC is having a touch job cooling it. The landlord is freaking lazy with regards to following up with repairs – he just likes to make excuses, saying that he’s busy and all.

I forgot the best part….I finally ate Japanese Ramen in Qatar. You read that right. Go check my tumblog for the details.

till next time…and I’ll make sure to stick to my weekly entry.

Summer Chronicles – Chapter 1: Awakening

I thought that I’d continue with my blogging over the summer. Reason being that I now have an internship, and that also at the place that makes it feel like working at Google. So I thought that I’d reflect over what’s happening during this time until classes begin. I chose to divide it as follows, and will be following this for my future entries.


After 5+ years of deliberating, struggling and who knows what else…I finally have an internship this summer. Guess where? At the prestigious Doha Film Institute – the same guys responsible for the Doha Tribeca Film Festival 2009. Let me say this…it’s been an exhilarating adventure in my first week, and I know that more will follow.

I had the chance to attend a staff meeting. Keep in mind that this is my first one, and I had high expectations. When it took place, it surpassed them beyond my own benchmark. discussing all our usual things, it came to the introductions of the new hires. After some time, it wound up with my boss Mr. Eric Hoffman…who instantly introduced me. Let me say this….

That moment felt awkward… because almost everyone recognized me from the video they made when they visited Qatar Foundation (here is the link). You’ll see me somewhere around the 2:30 mark. Apparently, according to Ms. Amanda Palmer, that short segment has been used for making many of their video pitches…and even Ms. Maggie Kim recalls it as well. It’s been reinforced by the editors who’ve been making the video content for the DFI site.


What’s even better was the venue of our meeting – and it’s also our future offices. I couldn’t even photograph the place as security cautioned me, but one of my colleagues told me that everyone has to carry a permit if they want to. It looks to be the “Best Kept Secret” of Qatar. Luckily, I managed to snap a few good pictures of the place – not being caught by the security guard and the cameras. All I can say that it’s a breathtaking beauty, and will be the most lively place when the festival arrives.

Let me describe the offices – It’s almost like how new rising start-ups are. Lots of open spaces with room to customize the layout and divisions, but we’re not even going to erect plaster walls. DFI likes its vibrant and active culture where everyone is on the same page. Did I mention that it’s colorful?

Right now, I’m based at the W Residences. You’d think that I’m spoilt with luxury, but the most frustrating thing is the Internet bandwidth available to us. A LAN cable is much faster than WiFi, as it’s proven to be a hassle to browse on it. We’re looking forward to moving to our new office, as we’re going to have fiber-optic powering our blistering net (My colleague told me that one fiber-0ptic connection is being dedicated to a restaurant nearby. What the hell do they want it for?). We’ll be needing it, as we’ll be uploading a lot of video content that’s equivalent to YouTube processing new ones every day.


We’re halfway through the summer, and summer school has come to an end. I didn’t attend at all as I had been busy headhunting for an internship. Those who went to Pittsburgh will be returning after the 4th of July celebrations. As for those who did it here in Qatar, they have either flown out of the country to escape to possible sweltering heat that may arise or have begun their internships lasting till mid-August.

What’s going to be the kicker is that Orientation 2010 is taking place in the 1st week of Ramadan. Talk about it being the cheapest of all the one already held –  the bulk of the money always goes to the food. At-least the QF International Orientation is just days before the nightmare begins. Sad to say this, but after a couple of years, there will only be one Eid holiday in the Fall semester; Ramadan will shift towards the Summer and will take Eid-Al-Fitr with it. So, it’s bye-bye to 2 Eid holidays for future students.


Until next time…