The Last Stretch – Aftermath

*sigh* You might think that being done with college is like being taken off the leash, but it’s just the beginning. Absence of assignments & weekly quizzes is a boon,  but so is the harsh reality of hidden real-time assessments by superiors.

It’s already been almost a month since Graduation 2011, followed by QF Senior Convocation 2011 where I received my ring. On top of that, I’ve gotten my UK visa to attend TEDGlobal this July in Scotland – that also on the day of graduation (Though I could only collect my passport the next day). You’re wondering what’s left?

Well, the harsh reality that the Middle East job market highly favors 5+ years of experience, regardless of industry experience. Scant to none opportunities for fresh graduates, and the possibility that my TEDx plans go down the drain. Even if there are fresh graduate positions, they are probably reserved for the locals. How do you expect to gain experience when we don’t even have the opportunity to learn from other experienced people and to prove ourselves by taking up challenges? The corporate mentality here has to change, but who knows how long it will take before it bears fruit.

I’ve already made a promise to come back here and unite both current students and alumni for this. Anyone who is still and was a part of Education City is still entitled to being part of anything that takes place. Once, they were students when people knew nothing about the place and they have also witnessed the rising prominence and growth of this endeavor by the State of Qatar. Now I’ve got until August to sort out my employment situation, else I need to cancel and head back on the next flight to India :(.

I thought that I’d keep the job search alive by taking on freelance work. Would add another level of flexibility if I felt the need of going independent down the road after getting sick of the office work. Gives you the chance to be your own manager, yet also allows you to meet with other people and find possible job leads. Indirectly, I’ve already gotten some and following up on them. Even though I’m counting down towards the last-resort action of leaving, I’m not giving up that easily. I hate to say it, but many think that a job is guaranteed here not realizing that an ongoing nationalization push would easily prioritize locals over expats.

Not much can be said now, but I’m keeping my efforts alive. Scotland is my other beacon of hope!


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