The Last Stretch – Chapter 7: Final leg

To think that being in college for so long that one would easily forget the harsh reality of being part of the workforce. To the majority, it may seem intimidating and scared that people will now have to breakout of the usual routine of assignments, quizzes and presentations within the academia confines.

College isn’t solely about learning the things that will help you in life. It’s true that some, if not all the knowledge, will prove useful in your career. That doesn’t mean that college is a waste. Those years are the time when one can blossom and self-groom themselves to be the global citizen for the coming years. It mostly teaches you ‘how to learn’ when you’re contributing to society. This happens concurrently to when you’re supporting your own living and those who depend on you, and seeking to aspire your long-term goals. All of this will lead to another generation that will be groomed and nurtured by your support and tutelage.

My filming for the Qatar Foundation Senior Convocation 2011 video was done long ago – sad thing was that the girls far outnumbered the guys :P. At least I got the chance to be filmed, along with being the only person daring enough to be in the centre of the plastic photo mural-like wall that has our photos and the corresponding messages behind each one. You could say that I was the willing one to do that much labor. Hopefully, the film crew got that part; I was the one climbing the ladder reaching the top, and telling my classmates to put the boxes at the required places.

May 2nd is when I’ll be bequeathed with the official honor and diploma of culminating my time at Carnegie Mellon Qatar. I know that the real world would be a shock, but I’ve been looking forward to this day. I know that quite a lot is in store for me, especially that I have the opportunity of being the first student selected to attend TEDGlobal – that also from Qatar and even the wider Middle East region. I applied as a student, so I guess I could get away with the title :D. It’s atleast 2 months away, and I’m already eager to travel to Edinburgh to bask in the so-called ‘intellectual spa’. Which reminds me that I need to schedule my appointment with the UK Visa Centre here…

Now the only thing on my head is the to find a starting point for employment, so that I can build my career. Let’s not forget my plans that will unfold when I return to Doha on July 18 (Assuming that I’ve already secured fulltime employment before my departure). That’s quite a big gamble, knowing whether or not I’m coming back. All I know is that I want to come back, and I have my reasons. I’m not in for the money, but I want to help set an example of setting things right. It’s time that we show and educate the baby-boomers about the potential of the millenials/Gen Y group. We don’t have to stick to the old ways, if that just fuels the ego for power. Biggest breakthroughs have unfolded in the past decade, and we are ready to capitalize on it for the future.

This is my second to last entry as part of this series. Watch for the finale entry as graduation approaches.


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