The Last Stretch – Chapter 6: Closure

This entry has been in the works for quite a long while – all I can say is that I’ve been planning and writing it since December. Sounds like a long time, but why the delay? Well, plenty of things popped up.

First, I’ve officially graduated from Carnegie Mellon Qatar and that classifies me as an ‘alumni’ though I have yet to receive my diploma. That’s going to happen on May 2. Now that I think about it, I’m not bothered with having spent a long time inside Qatar Foundation. I’ve been here since August 2005 and if you’re wondering how different things were at that time, here’s a rough breakdown:

  1. Weill Cornell was the only building on the greenspine
  2. Georgetown just set up shop, and had to share space with Texas A&M and the ABP inside the LAS building. Replace Texas A&M with CMUQ in 2007 and Georgetown’s increasing numbers, the problem worsened with a larger student body.
  3. No cameras were put inside the dorms, yet it was lively and quiet when needed.
  4. The large parking never existed, and was a rough and sandy patch of space that I used to tread upon when I walked between Cornell and the dorms (Once I lost my CMUQ ID in the dark, and had to retrace my steps back to find it).
  5. They had started work on the Ceremonial Court around May 2006, and Texas A&M broke ground for their dedicated campus.
  6. In my opinion, the best event that probably happened was the QF version of the TV reality show survivor (CMUQ did it and there’s an album of it).
  7. … and I could go on (You can head over to my Facebook and see the albums)

You can see that it’s been a long while. That doesn’t mean that I’ve been idling around since December. I’ve been job hunting since summer 2010, but it seems that the GCC is not a place for fresh graduates. No matter whatever leads I followed, it always ends up with the following clause:

<insert a number greater or equal to 3> years of experience in <add more specific details based on job description requirements>

What’s even worse is that some postings don’t even mention it and gives a false message to fresh graduates. Only after you’ve applied, you would hear back the above statement. That is bad strategy and effort from companies. If a position requires experience, THEN STATE IT CLEARLY in the job description. Don’t just say it after someone has applied, with the hopes that the candidate may have some hope of consideration. I’ve already been through this many times when I applied online.

Seriously, don’t these companies believe in fresh talent? It’s almost like this region is meant for 40+ people settled with families. Even internships aren’t even making the cut. What’s even worse is the nationalization policies being enforced. My situation is quite different, as I’m an international student and I need to have a job. My plans are on the line right now, and I’ve got CMUQ’s Professional Day to work on. From my experience, I’ve seen certain companies openly stating “Only Qataris”. These guys don’t know the meaning of subtlety, and they have to put it out there in the open in a blunt manner. Who are they trying to fool? What’s even worse is that some companies just come but they don’t even intend to recruit. Hate to say it, but the Middle East is not even ripe for fresh gradates. These companies will be the ones playing the blame game, and the rest would create the ‘brain-drain’ that has impacted countries like India and China. If these people want experience, they should be looking for people who have families with 2 children. They fail to realize that fresh graduates are young and energetic to help an organization’s growth. Even with the Qatar 2022

On top of this, I’ve also been selected to attend TEDGlobal 2011. I’m the first student fresh out of college selected for this privilege – not something easy to come by as they only have slots for maximum 750 to attend (That’s half the number of those who go to TED in Long Bach, CA, U.S.A). That would be the best place to meet with people that I can mingle with. Seeing that I’ve been hearing so much about Scotland, I’m just counting down to the day I set foot on that flight to Edinburgh.

This won’t be the last entry, as I will have one more to end this arc.


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