Scotland is TEDGlobal…and home of Andrew Carnegie

As I’ve already paid my registration fees in full courtesy of the support of few of my friends who have helped me to realize this opportunity, I have shifted my focus to other things that have already ramped up my excitement. Just being selected to attend TED fresh out of college is already a big enough accomplishment for myself, even though I have no other big honors to boast about besides going to LeaderShape (Makes me feel proud and happy that Google’s co-founder and now CEO Larry Page is a LeaderShape graduate). Now I’ve got a nice personalized branding strategy to boast.
Even though the conference has now relocated to Scotland to accomodate for future growth, I realized that one thing has slipped my mind. I failed to notice this oblivious fact when it was staring at me in plain sight – I’m heading to the home of the founder of Carnegie Mellon; none other than Andrew Carnegie. Even though he’s a Scotsman industrialist who earned his wealth back in the early days of the 19th century, I could possibly explore the place and see if any remnants still exist to this day. I’ve already planned that I’ll be spending 8 days (5 are going towards TEDGlobal and all things related to it); I’m still open to extend it by a day if the outlook is very lively.

All I know is that his birth place is the small town of Dunfermline, about an hour away North from central Edinburgh where TEDGlobal is happening. Looks like I’ll put it as a goal of being the first CMU student – either from Pittsburgh or Doha – to visit the home of my alma mater’s founder. I’ll definitely take something to show that CMU goes back to its roots; it may have a pun but I’ll frame it along the lines of ‘CMU harkens back to its founder’. From what I hear, his home is still intact and his statue is standing tall and high in a park.

I still need to see if I’ll be heading out alone or with other aspiring TEDsters who may choose to explore more of Scotland and its offerings. One thing I know is that I’m putting Andrew Carnegie’s hometown on my to-do lists. From my initial search, looks to be an hour’s journey. Should I even put Loch Ness on the list? Guess I could try to unravel the mystery of that place, courtesy of my camera.

From visiting Dunfermline, I may get even more ideas for my TEDx event when I return to Doha.

Only another 154 days to go till TEDGlobal begins…


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