The Last Stretch – Chapter 5: Everything Goes Off-road

I didn’t even have enough material to warrant an entry – otherwise I’d have bored you with things. I thought of letting time pass and collect whatever I can to put together on this one super entry. Now I realized that I shouldn’t have waited long as I may have forgotten some interesting tidbits.


November is already here and I’m only 6 weeks away from finishing off my arduous journey. It’s been a bumpy ride not graduating in 4 years, but who cares? At least I weathered the worst of the job market. Even during the semester, I’ve been trying to find possible opportunities starting from January as I’m already in a pickle with only 10 more months of being in Qatar.

As part of the usual social life, I’ve been helping my good friend Kamal a lot of things for him – See The Other Side and sharpening up his comedic routine. He’s shouldering a lot with Carnegie Mellon’s name and representing Education City alongside another student. He’s gotten quite good in improvising new material as he gave an exclusive private sample to few students on a Thursday. Feedback allowed him to repurpose his deliver and even the punchline. He even had another chance to throw some humor, especially about Indians at Desi Night. You’ll have to wait for all these videos to come up as I’m holding them back for a few surprises. He even got to host TEDxDoha, and performed in front of an audience in a ballroom in the Sheraton that was packed to the brim (I wasn’t present to watch it). I found out the outcome that he ‘won’ but the other finalists also have the opportunity to go on the comedy tour. He’s already made a name for himself. How is Kamal going to work this out when we’re approaching the end of the semester?

Speaking of Kamal with some B&B Syndicate work, we helped to promote his initiative that he’s doing with Vodafone – helping out an impoverished community in Doha. You can check that out the B&BSyndicate blog for details. However, I suggest you search YouTube with his name and you’ll come up with a video that I recorded of his performance – in just 20 days since posting it, it got 2000+ views. Guess Qatar has something to be proud of, as long as people don’t take offense – it’s nice to laugh at ourselves.


Nice to see that college will come to an end for me. I’m so desperate to leave, even though alumni have said that they would love to come back. Who would want to study their whole lives, when you can learn better in the workplace? I know that the biggest nightmare for students here is the lack of opportunities here due to the nationalization policies. I just think that ‘they’ are digging their own grave, and they will be causing one hell of a brain drain that other countries will stand to benefit.

I remember when I attended a conference by ictQatar that touched on the theme of ‘being open in the digital realm, Michael Nelson (speakers from Georgetown University – D.C, U.S.A) did openly state that the ‘United States has grown successfully by operating on the brain drain principle’. If the aim of Qatar Foundation is to retain as much talent at home, then they are definitely facing an uphill battle to fulfill it.

As things get hectic, I’ll make sure to wrap up this series.


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