The Last Stretch – Chapter 4: Fraught with perils

Coming back to classes on a Tuesday while half the other colleges were still on break? Not a sight to behold. Then again, what more can I say?


My parents came back on Sunday – all sick and pass on some of it to me. Throat was tickling, but I couldn’t do much as I started classes on Tuesday. Talk about luck! Good thing the Dean directed that nothing big be due on the day we return, but I still had to finish off 2 reports due on Thursday. A short lived week and the onset of the weekend. Some are already having quizzes, and I haven’t had one…YET! Time will tell…

The other day I wanted to have lunch but the line at Batteel was big. There was nothing worth eating at the LAS, so I decided to go to Texas A&M as they have another branch of Batteel there. Only I stopped short of the exit and turned around as I realized that they were closed as A&M were closed. Hunger pangs kicked in! *sigh* I share this moment with Dana and Nayaab (both Wildcats at Northwestern), and they called it ‘mean’. Not my fault that it’s reality!


Time has been ticking down as Ahmed Ahmed’s touring even is schedule to happen on Monday September 20 (That’s today as of this entry!). The B&B Syndicate and I have been doing our job spreading it, as Abdalla and Sultana coordinated things remotely courtesy of their break, while Omer and I did things on the ground. I managed to convince one of our resident student stand-up comedians to audition and perform, but he was a little intimidated, only for him to call me on a Saturday at 10AM to give a YES. I emailed the TEDxDoha people, seeing if it wasn’t too late…he’s scared to go up against Ahmed Ahmed, but it’ll be nice for him to throw laughs here and there.

Just last night, I heard that we’re approaching our audience limit, and I’m eager to see laughter across all the faces. Now I’m looking forward to seeing comedy at its finest, as I’ll be seeing his face again on October 29. Since that has already made him the 2nd speaker, there will be more to come leading up to the final date, and tickets being snapped up. Keep checking the TEDxDoha fan page for more information or even follow @TEDDoha on Twitter.

Off the note, the B&B has been a success on Facebook. We’ve clocked in 120+ fans across the Qatar Foundation community, and Twitter is building up. We’ve just made our official blog that we hope to use to inform and report on our work. You’ll have to wait for that news to come later.

Till next time…


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