The Last Stretch – Chapter 3: Kinetic

Where should I begin? The fact that Carnegie Mellon, Northwestern and Georgetown only got a total of 5 days (including the weekend) for the Eid, while our other half of compatriots Texas A&M, Virginia Commonwealth and Weill Cornell (Pre-med students) got 9 days for the Eid break. Talk about division, and QF brands itself as Education city University – supposedly taking the already established inter-university collaboration on cross-registration and other things.

College & Life

Hmm…last 3 days of classes for Ramadan! I got selected to sit in on the private lunch with the FIFA Inspection team – exclusive to Carnegie Mellon Qatar. You read it right here, and I’m hoping to tweet the interesting tidbits (of course, also respecting the sensitive nature and privacy of whatever may be discussed. I’ll be using my best judgement for this!).

I’m still alone at home, and I counted down the days till my parents return. More than 2 months and all I could do at home was the household chores – the place turned into a hospital, as I couldn’t find a speck of dust anywhere. Talk about cleanliness! When they arrived, I swore that I’ll have home food continuous for one whole week (even if I have to starve).

I had the chance of dining at Gordon Ramsey’s MAZE at The Pearl….FOR FREE! You’ll have to wait for the review as I helped to critique the food.


Following on the announcement of Reem Acra as the first speaker, things escalated to greater proportions when the second one hit the web. You guessed it! none other than stand-up comedian Ahmed Ahmed – one of the founders of the Axis of Evil Comedy tour with Maz Jobrani (He spoke at TEDGlobal 2010 and you can watch the short talk here). Ticket slots opened up and when they closed, people were hounding members of the B&B Syndicate on how to get a seat. What they didn’t even know that he is also coming to Qatar Foundation exclusive for an Open Mic night with other potential stand-up comedians. A competition ont he floor, with the winner joining Ahmed Ahmed on his next tour.

Well, the Doha Film Institute is running a competition for potentials to perform and win a chance to be the opening act for Ahmed Ahmed’s tour. Head over to their website for more details!

Tune in next time…


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