The Last Stretch – Chapter 1: Rebirth

Here’s how it’s going to work: College (that’s obvious) and TEDxDoha (Need I say any more?).


Week 1…well, you would expect that something would happen but not much. The first week looks like the kids’ sandbox play area – make whatever you want and then tear it down. That’s kind of what’s happening when I see people running from one end to the other as the scramble to their respective classes. For me, I’ve got the best schedule for myself – 5 classes and Sunday is the extended weekend. Still, I’ll be on campus on Sunday as I drop my brother off to school (Schools open after Ramadan, so I’ve got it easy for now). What’s even better is that I’m the lone student in the Anthropology class, and I’m liking the material; just from the readings am I already learning more about people.

To top it off, I have my student on-campus job as the MPR’s Communications Assistant – I love working with MPR. Did I mention that the office now has a Core i7 iMac of pure 27-inch bliss and power? Armed with the latest multimedia tools? Well, I can only take the grandiose thing far enough.


I’m secretly counting down two clocks for myself – one for ending my academic journey through this uncharted world, and another for TEDxDoha. Honestly, I’m eagerly looking forward to it, and it’s going grand. On Sunday, demand was almost at fever pitch , that they decided to release 50 slots to be filled up – only to be snapped up within hours. Twitter and Facebook played their role, and the fan page is doing a great job tapping to the community. Let me tell you something…from the official launch of the TEDxDoha fan page on Thursday to this very moment, the page has already accumulated 250+ fan following. I’m proud to say that most of them are from Qatar Foundation and its branch campuses – WOOOHOOOO! Feels good when you see it, and I’m one of them. People are really fanatic about TED and even the whole TEDx initiative.

I’m going around doing Flip-cam interviews of budding “video TEDsters” (TEDsters is a name reserved for those who have gone to the actual conference. Since TED makes the videos available online, why now call yourself “video TEDsters” when you’re watching them as if one was present at that time?). I count myself as one of them, but I’m the one behind the Flip. As of today, it’ll mark exactly 2 months when TEDxDoha unfolds in-front of Doha and to the entire world via the Internet. I’m waiting to see that happen.

Tune in next time…


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