The next arc in my blogging…

I thought that it would be best to have some sort of filler/transitioning entry leading upto my next arc of blogging.

Seeing that it’s themed to my last semester at Carnegie Mellon Qatar, thee’s also a lot going on with regards to my academics.

Firstly, I find out that my senior capstone class group project for a software product will be with the Lusail (I’ve seen Losail but I don’t even know which one is the official spelling). Then, I find out that we won’t be getting 9 days of Eid holidays (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!) At least I reaped the benefits from before!

What else? hmmmm….how about the fact that I’m trying to build up the hype with regards to TEDxDoha? I’ve already gotten keen interest from people, and even electronic correspondence from others as people have been trying to find my contact details. Rest assured that we’ll be having more information as it comes by. Just pencil in October 29 as that day will change Qatar!

To wrap up, I forgot to unveil the name of my next arc of blogging…The Last Stretch.

Look out for the Prologue/Chapter 1…COMING SOON!


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