Summer Chronicles – Chapter 7: Exodus…and TEDxDoha

That’s that! Final day at the Doha Film Institute was “weird” – that desk is going to be very lonely without me sitting on it. On the other hand, I’ve got something else in mind to do for the whole semester. Allow me to have the honor of removing the veil on Project X….but you’ll have to wait for it!


Week 8

As much as I hate writing this, it’s also kind of tearful that I have to. I need to wrap up this internship arc, so that I can start blogging on another arc. I gave in my laptop as I had gotten it –  even though I was handicapped with Windows XP. I’d rather prefer Windows 7 as it doesn’t slow me down with regards to my workflow. I said my goodbyes to the Web team (eric, Tarek, and Soraya). *sigh* I guess the only connection that I have with DFi right now is….I’ll save this for the later part of this post :P.

My first proper internship and that also at a place that didn’t enforce such a strict white-collar corporate dress code. I think young people are getting sick of the entire formal dress code, as they aspire for places like Google, Apple (still operate like the world’s largest startup), and start-ups like Dropbox, foursquare, and Facebook (I wonder if they still count themselves as a startup even though they are now at 500mil+ users).

Guess they’ll all be tied up with festival preparations….Now all that’s left is the evaluation feedback from CMU-Q, and I don’t know when that will be out.


Summer has come to an end, and I switch my car to the academic Scudeira Ferrari model. One week of Ramadan has been done, and most of my iftars have been on other people (I didn’t even shell out money, except for when I had cravings for Mandarin’s juices and other things). I even got to pick up my books, with 3 more on back order as they haven’t arrived. Talk about the stack that I have, I realise that they are only going to get expensive.

One more thing…our Library Director has put me on a pilot testing project for the iPads as the library is expecting to check them out to students. Talk about reading books on the go and you can also carry them with you taking up 1/n of space (I think n should be some large number relative to each person). Right now, I’m writing this entry from the iPad that I’ve been given, and making recommendations along the go – hoping to have a thorough overview of things to be done and also apps to be put on all of them. I guess Apple has tapped into the Education market really well, and we also get to use the CMU Kindles on them. Here’s hoping that the Sidra Medical & Research Centre is already thinking of using them, especially if they want to be a ‘zero-paper’ hospital and having the latest and best electronic infrastructure for its operations.

Regarding Project X….

Project X is none other than TEDxDoha, and it’s taking place on October 29. It’s probably going to be the biggest undertaking ever, as we get the community on board and foster “ideas” that can change the world. Chris Anderson once said the following in an interview:

I’m an idealist. I believe that people can change the world…

It’s amazing that TED has become such a neutral platform to bring about those unsung heroes who have done insightful and great things but don’t have the fame of celebs and others. They seek to make a difference, and even well known celebs (Jeff Bezos, Sir Richard Branson, Gordon Brown, Jullian Assange,….I could go on and on) have shared their insights.

Watch out for more details as the Twitterverse and Facebook realm will storm cyberspace with more info, courtesy of the B&B Syndicate and the Doha Film Institute.


The last of my profiles…

Ben Robinson

Probably the last person that I’m going to profile, especially as this is my last entry on DFI people. Ben is quite a character – pure Anglo accent and hails from Britain. Come to think of it, a lot of people at DFI are from Britain. Luckily, I can pick up on British sarcasm. I don’t think that I’ll write much about him, but I’ll let his YouTube channel do the speaking – it’s not for the faint of heart but be ready for it.

Thomas Hines

This man is a prodigy when it comes to cameras. I think he’s too professional in his realm of expertise that he’s like google here and everyone else is either Yahoo or Bing. He knows what he’s doing and he knows how to improve other things when he sees room for it. I’d rather say that you see him in action as he’ll give you a crash-course on camera usage, and you’ll be able to retain whatever he explains. Forget about thick books, and just grab him to lecture you with actual equipment.

Thus ends the Summer Chronicles. I’m going to start of my next arc, as I tie it into my last semester here at Carnegie Mellon Qatar (Yup, I’ll be done this December) – I haven’t even decided on a name.

I don’t know where life will take me, but I look forward to intern somewhere and learn things from the pros.


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