Summer Chronicles – Chapter 6: Winding down with some fun

Kind of sad that I write this entry especially when I’m in my last week of interning with the Doha Film Institute. Even my boss and other colleagues have been thinking about what to do with the empty desk that has been my workspace. Guess that’s going to be a physics problem of its own. On the other hand, I’m heading back to classes for one more semester. Thank goodness that it’s my last one, and then I’m free.


Week 7

I’d say that the godo stuff has only started as I end my internship with these guys. Good thing is that Project X (I thought I’d give it a codename) is advancing in greater directions than I imagined. Courtesy of the B&B Syndicate – Reem, Sultana, Omer, Florent, Abdalla, and myself – along with DFI, things are now starting to ramp up with respect to how we are going to strike hard with the action plan. Did I mention that it’s BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG? Trust me, it’s become a global movement that we’re keeping a tight lid about it. I’m sure some out there may have figured it out; if not, then hold your breath!

On an even greater note, I got to see my next video of fame. With the wondrous whiz fingers of A.J Maki and his Final Cut talents, combined with the filming done by the crew, he’s put together another masterpiece (Here’s the video). Of course, it also stars myself in another one of their amazzing videos. Amanda Palmer was even impressed that it took it to the next level from my first outing. Guess I’ve become their young brand ambassador!

*sigh* I’ve got a lot of memories with DFI, and there’s now way I’m forgetting about them. Did I forget to mention that Ramadan already started? That’s one of the symptoms of forgetting certain details, as you abstain from food and water until sunset. Good thing Ramadan work hours are in effect, and they will be when classes are in session


August already, and I’m counting down the days till I head back to college. Qatar Foundation also held their International Orientation, welcoming 100 students from different corners of the globe. Got a chance to attend some of their events as their budding photographer. What was even mmore fun was the group of people who put it all together – Sultana Jesmine, Abdalla Ezadin, Safiullah Taye, Shehryar Khan, and Ernest Appiah. This was comedy unfolding infront of my eyes, especially when Ernest became “The Boy in the Box”. What a title for a book, and I even have the perfect cover picture for it.

Leading it to the last day, we also saw the celebration of Pakistan’s Independence Day at the stroke of midnight on 14th. They literally took up the entire stage. Even with all that they are suffering (insurgents, bombings, and even the recent catastrophic floods), they still stand strong – but Pakistan chose to cancel all celebrations to help the flood victims. Did I mention that I had to put up a short video of the whole International Orientation in a matter of 4 hours? People are now clamoring for the pictures…good thing I burned them on DVD – and it came back with only 4MiB of free space. I must have taken more photos than last year’s to have filled up an entire disc.


Amanda Palmer

I think I’d need a whole Wikipedia article dedicated to her just to describe anything and everything. Correction, somebody did the legwork for it already, and it’s right here. I can only write so much without rephrasing what’s in the link. You can say that I’ve had the privilege of working with here on Project X (still hush hush!). Along with my associates from the B&B Syndicate, she is eager to empower a film community here that flourishes and thrives from the pool of talent that Scandar Copti (Wait for his profile :P). I thought she came from New Zealand, but I was close enough to know that she’s Australian. She was in for a surprise when I came in dressed all formal with my other B&B colleagues for our ‘meeting’ (That’s also hush hush!). She lives, breathes, eats, works, and does anything related to DFI with respect to meetings. I’ve only seen her like half the time for the weeks I’ve been interning.

Another thing….wherever Amanda goes, Maggie Kim is never far away and vice-versa. They are an inseparable army of two – armed to the teeth with their trusty Blackberry devices.

Maggie Kim

She’s worked with the Tribeca Film Festival in New York for the past years, and now she shuttles between there and Doha to manage 2 festivals. You can say that with her experience for putting up such a grandiose showcase of film appreciation, you’d want to bring in someone who’d let the community do the talking about the movies. In the first staff meeting, she even asked my boss “Who’s the gentlemen right next to you?” Once the details were dispelled, that’s when the “ohhh….now I remember you from the videos” kicked in. She’s constantly on the run with her trusty Blackberry sidekick. Here I’m thinking that Amanda and her are like the Dynamic Duo, which they are.

I haven’t even addressed either of them by their first names…YET. Guess that time will come…

Scandar Copti

The man who’s the comedic face of DFI. Did I mention that he went all Avatar and Braveheart-esque for an acting workshop video callout? You can’t find anyone else than him to don such a thing. What about his Gladiator stint, with sand spewing into his face? I could go on, but I’d rather let you see it for yourself. He speaks fluent Arabic, as he’s from Palestine. You can say that he’s out there in the field for the Education Dept. as his other compatriot is none other than Ben Robinson (You’ll have to wait for his bio next time – it’ll be worth it :D).

As much as I realize that the Intern part will end with my next entry, another series shall begin. As Project X evolves to its unveiling, so shall all you readers discover more about the whereabouts of its origins and how it has culminated to what it has and will become to empower the community.

The B&B Syndicate will bring you more than what you can ever imagine.

Signing out till next time!


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