Summer Chronicles – Chapter 5: Details…


Week 6

You can say that this week was jam-packed with details galore for what I’ve received last week. It’s gotten to the point that now it’s what I breathe, eat, and sleep. In addition, the B&B Syndicate members (I’m part of it as well) have been meeting in parallel to this. We got done with our meeting with DFI on Saturday and now we’re working on how we can get it out there. Now comes the brunt of the work, as we sit down and strategize our attack plan.


Look out for us – the B&B Syndicate is coming to you!

In other news, the week also had a nice setting for a workshop on videoart – sort of an avant-garde form of expression in film by Koken Ergun (Couldn’t type that Turkish dots on the u). Also ran into a friend who graduated from Georgetown and works for Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation. Got to see it unfold with the participants, as I did my usual set of photography.

I realized that I only have 2 weeks before I head back to college and say BYE BYE to my internship. My boss has expressed interest in me still being on board during the semester. Still wondering how to work that out…

On top of that, I’m starting to miss this place. Film submissions have been closed, and the final film slate is due to be announced. Now the real countdown begins as DFI prepares to hit the streets of Doha.

How am I ever going to keep up?


Summer is coming to an end. Orientation kicks off the coming weeks and then it’s back to classes. *sigh* Thank goodness this is my last semester – I’m looking forward to getting out of college.

People have already started to flock back, especially those who live in the dorms. Did I mention that it accompanies the new faces grazing us?

Sunday is going to be kind of a killer – there’s the tweetup and then there’s a meeting with my fellow B&B Syndicate members. Which one do I go?


Ama Akumoah

I’m still wondering if I did spell her last name correctly. A Ghanian working at the most hectic arm of DFI – the Education division. It’s always buzzing around with somethign happening: shuttling between the Tribeca Filmmakers Program, workshops, and then filming out and about for anything that’s needed. She’s always out there.

I tend to wear Ghana shirts and she immediately recognized it. I told her that my father went there couple of times. Too bad I couldn’t pick up some of the dialect from my dad.

Abdul-Jabbar Maki

Everyone at office calls him Maki, but I always wondered what the A.J stood for. Luckily, when the Education division called for me to film a volunteer callout video (yes, you’ll be seeing me again in my fame and glory), I posed that question to him and challenged that I’d get the initials right. The A was easy it was the J that was a little bit tricky. I thought along the lines of Jassim and the to Jaber but thought of adding an extra ‘b’ and replace the ‘e’ with the ‘a’. Worked out correct!

He’s a whiz at Final Cut Pro. If you’ve seen the videos at the DFI website, thank him for all that work, and now he’s gotten more editors to help him out as things get hectic and crazy for the festival.

He’s been saying one thing to me over the past week with that grin and smile of his…”Yasser, do some work!”


I keep forgetting her last name. Mostly I see her helping the filming and edit work on the MacBook Pro (I used to use it before the edit work started to increase, but now I work off a Dell – eeeeyuuuck! Now I remember why I switched to Mac). She kinds of helps Tarek with the British humor flair and dose of sarcasm. She even ate the same moloukhia that Eric once did, except she wasn’t even close to finishing it off.

One more to cap off the Summer Chronicles series leading to its finale. Here’s hoping that I can ‘unveil’ the BIG thing to all of you.

TRUST ME…when I say it’s big, THINK BURJ KHALIFA * 3. I may sound exaggerating but it’ll be worth your attention.


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