Summer Chronicles – Chapter 4: The next leg


Week 5

The week ended on a high note for me, as I got to hear what I was eagerly looking forward to. It would come up in the meetings but I’d stay quiet with my lips sealed. Now I’m just waiting for the signal from my bosses to go out there and spread it. Trust me, this is big and it’s happening…you wouldn’t want to miss out on this one. I can’t even divulge details as I’m sworn to secrecy, but rest assured that you will want to be part of it. Question is…how many can we permit if it does go out of control?

With all that buzz, I’m constantly buzzing around learning new things. But it dreads me that now I have around 3 weeks before I head back to college. I’m split on both ends – I want to finish off my degree and get that diploma, but another is that DFI is just so vibrant that I’d miss out on everything when I leave. What do I do?


I’m writing this up on the last day of July, and it serves a stark reminder of the impending arrival of classes when it starts. Don’t even get me started with Ramadan…that’s the tough part. The QF accommodation is brimming with some life as the new and current CDAs are back for 2 weeks worth of training (they only have 1 more as of this moment) – repetitive for those who have done it but they show the no0bs the ropes on their duty rounds. You need to have someone to partially mentor these guys, just so that there are no screw ups.

One of my friends will soon begin to shoot his 10 minutes of fame as he gets the star cast set up on the set and then heads out to the site for 5 days of shooting. That’s all he gets and then 1 month in the edit room for all post-production – on top of the goal of debuting it at the Doha Tribeca Film Festival 2010.


As expected, here’s my next round of personal insights…

Soraya Benasla

Soraya joined DFI as the Web Co-ordinator after jumping ship from Qatar Airways – to think that anyone would want to leave an airline especially when one would get better rates for travel. Guess that alone wasn’t enough to keep her there! Did I forget to say that she’s married? I don’t know much beyond the answer to the previous question. What else? She even likes her cup of coffee in the morning. She was the one person who was shocked to hear when Eric had the moloukhia (if I got the spelling right – It’s some dish served by the Egyptians).

Robb Wood

How do I describe him? He also worked at Al Jazeera English before joining DFI, and Amanda Palmer brought him over as they were colleagues at Al Jazeera. What’s even better is that he’s also been involved with TED (Yes, I may be sounding a little to excited, but that alone got my adrenaline pumping). A native Seattle resident from the U.S.A (So I presume he’s proud of Starbucks being born from his state, and I guess he would also be a coffee lover).

It’s a short one for this week, but the actual stuff only unfolded infront of me that I couldn’t transcribe them into words.

Ta Ta For Now


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