Summer Chronicles – Chapter 3: Uncharted depths

Where do I begin? That’s the lingering question that I’ve been having since yesterday night, accompanied by the fact that I wanted to write something about a person/people that I meet/work with at the Doha Film Institute. So I thought it best to profile 2 people for each entry I post.


Week 4

WOW! I literally mean WOW. I don’t think that I’ve been on such an adrenaline rush of a roller coaster than all the previous weeks since I started. Things got pretty hectic inside the W conference room. I haven’t seen my desk for those 3 days since I’ve been in and out of the meetings – they all started at 10:00AM and ended around the 6:00PM mark. That’s quite a big stretch, but we still had our sustenance in coffee and fruits to keep us going. Eric, Tarek, Soraya and myself have been sitting in the same chairs for the past days (Eric moved around but the rest of us were in the same seats) , and that also with other departments. Did I mention that we also had a guest by the name of G (I’m keeping his name a secret). Should I just call him G or the G-Man (a la Half-Life reference)? He’s works in France so it shouldn’t make a difference at all. He’s got me hooked onto this new thing that I’m seriously considering to use for my future endeavors…so is Tarek. I think I’ll go with G-Man, as he’s only here till Tuesday.

That doesn’t matter, but I got one thing out of the meetings…I’ve probably covered atleast one college academic year’s worth of material in those meetings. How did that even happen? Well, Ms. Maggie Kim and Ms. Amanda Palmer were also present as well (I haven’t even dared to address them with their first name like my other colleagues do, cause I don’t feel that I’m at the level of doing so. I just address them with the Ms. <last name> title).

Thursday night, we head to the Souq with the G-Man as we wanted to show him the whole Qatari look and feel. Our dinner was completely seafood but still harkens back to the old fishing days. With all the chatter, I recalled my days int he U.S – especially at D&B (if you’ve been to the U.S, you should know what this acronym means). Tarek will remember me with the quote that “I wanted to be like Lara Croft”. Topped it off with Italian ice-cream from La Dolcevita…and a nice humorous photo as a memoir. i forgot to mention…I couldn’t even put Gelato Girl in here (That’s not her real name, but she did use here Egyptian reference to say that my father lives 2.5 hours by flight – Tarek made the suggestion to name her that and it’s stuck in my head since then).

Hectic week of work ended with the web team plus Emily, the “G-Man” and Gelato Girl – I still have to get the picture as my memoir.

Oh, and I realized that I only have a few weeks before this ends. Now I really don’t want to go back to college, but I have to finish off my degree. Parallel to that, preparations for this year’s festival are in full swing, but don’t expect me to leak details.


July has almost come to an end, and I’m eager to go back to classes. Only problem is that Ramadan starts around the 13th, and I’m thinking of how do I even prepare for that, especially when my family isn’t around till Eid? *sigh* guess I’m back to living independently, as I’m able to get a lot of housework done without anyone hindering me.

Things will start to get lively as people start to come back to Qatar, especially those who live in the dorms. Some of them are back for 2 weeks of CDA training (think resident Assistant), and then diving straight into QF international orientation for the incoming freshmen. Will be nice to see them.


Here’s my first set of profiles on the people I meet

Eric Hoffman

Eric is new to this country and came from the U.S. What’s even more interesting is where he worked – National Geographic, Discover Channel and The history Channel. That alone made me go gaga as those are my favourite channels to watch. He’s older than me but it doesn’t even show. Very humorous, charismatic,…. and I can’t even think of more details.

Oh, and he has been recently nominated for an Emmy for his short documentary “New Approaches, News and Documentary: Arts and Culture“. If he’s reading this, I’m sure that all the spotlight will fall on him when he flies out to attend the awards. I’m wishing him the best of luck.

Tarek Abu Esber

A little older than me, but still young and energetic. A balance between his elegance and charisma, that meshes well together. He came from Al Jazeera English, doing all aspects of Social Media. We also have one commonality – we’re both graduates from the International School of Choueifat except he finished in Abu Dhabi and I finished in Dubai. I’m amazed that I wrote the full name could have only written Choueifat for simplicity.

Both of these guys took my interview when I applied, and both are Mac people. That speaks for something!

That’s it for now…..tune in next time.


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