Summer Chronicles – Chapter 2: Abyss

A lot has happened over the past 2 weeks and backlogged on my blog entry. I decided to combine it into a super entry to compensate. The title does speak for it, almost like I was part of some deep-sea exploration.


Week 2

The second week is down, and things are starting to ram up. At the same time, World Cup fever is reaching fever pitch but will be gone after Sunday’s finale. Here’s hoping that I can pump and push myself for the coming months. I realised that the one thing I look forward to are the usual morning debriefing sessions in our W Residence “office” (The beds have been moved to one floor and there are just desks and a spaghetti of cables running behind us. The Web team finally moved to a makeshift office area, which was previously occupied by another department. However, I’m still trying to snuggle myself in that desk.


Well, I’ve already injured myself whenever I get up from the chair. The damn table has a sliding keyboard tray and that hits my knees…OUCH! Can’t do much, as the Doha Film Institute will eventually move to the ostentatious Cultural Village – need I remind you that it’s closed to the public but I still have snaps of the place, especially key places that are awe-inspiring. My boss(es) even took us out to a team lunch, but my boss BOSS  paid for it. Now it’s up-to the 3 of us (Tarek, Soraya, and I) to return the favor, and we know the perfect time – October 30. Hit smack right into this year’s DTFF, we’re hoping to surprise him with something on his birthday (assuming the 3 of us can even come up with something).

Another thing is the weekly staff meetings, where I was in the spotlight for my cameos that have propelled DFI to stardom as imagined by the Oscars. Sadly, the hosts Amanda Palmer and Maggie Kim are out of town. That kind of broke the rhythm for me, but we’ll be resuming that when they return.

I’m just eager to get out of the W and straight to the Cultural Village – assuming they’ve gotten the fiber optic and the food situation handled.

Week 3

This was one heck of a week, especially when it was packed with meetings. I’m eagerly looking forward to our new office space – a change from our current setup but still keeps the Web team as one cohesive Navy Seals unit. We’re each covering for each other’s six (Army rant for “I got your back!”). Oh…I didn’t mention that the moment we got desks, my knees were always hitting the sliding tray. I’ve nearly tripped when getting out of it. NOW I REALLY REALLY want to move to the Cultural Village.

Even a new set of workshops are up and running. I’ve wanted to attend this AD workshop for a while, but I was tied up other commitments. *sigh* Working with the Web team always takes the highest precedence. It’s already gotten quite interesting with regards to work. Atleast I got to go back to the Cultural Village for some photography.

I’m thinking of dedicating each of my weekly entries on a profile of a person that I meet at DFI. Will have to look into that…


Almost the middle of July and that would put me a month away from heading back to college for my last semester. My swan song will soon culminate into the epic crescendo that I’ve worked towards. Students would be killing themselves when they realise that they won’t have any exams and assignments, as they’ll be dealing with the real world and not the ‘reel’ world. I’m looking forward to wresting control from these shackles that have bound me to this constant deluge of work, work and more piled up work.

World Cup is over and Spain have cliched the coveted prize for the first time, and the Spanish captain kissing his reporter girlfriend on live TV. Paul the octopus has become quite the phenomenon, especially when other animals began to take the stage for fame and glory. Come on, how the hell can a parrot and monkey compete against the track record of a cephalopod? Don’t try to cash in on the fame, especially when you get your first chance wrong (both the animals predicted The Netherlands to win).

As for the remaining summer, I’M OFFICIALLY ALONE AT HOME UNTIL AFTER THE EID. Atleast I get to clean the house from inside out and vice-versa, and I don’t have my dad to annoy me with regards to organizing things around the place. Get to do it with all the cleaning agents that I’ve gathered around, and even household remedies.

The summer heat is also getting to my head, especially when I’ve lived through 2 of the hottest days in the week. Even my home AC is having a touch job cooling it. The landlord is freaking lazy with regards to following up with repairs – he just likes to make excuses, saying that he’s busy and all.

I forgot the best part….I finally ate Japanese Ramen in Qatar. You read that right. Go check my tumblog for the details.

till next time…and I’ll make sure to stick to my weekly entry.


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