Summer Chronicles – Chapter 1: Awakening

I thought that I’d continue with my blogging over the summer. Reason being that I now have an internship, and that also at the place that makes it feel like working at Google. So I thought that I’d reflect over what’s happening during this time until classes begin. I chose to divide it as follows, and will be following this for my future entries.


After 5+ years of deliberating, struggling and who knows what else…I finally have an internship this summer. Guess where? At the prestigious Doha Film Institute – the same guys responsible for the Doha Tribeca Film Festival 2009. Let me say this…it’s been an exhilarating adventure in my first week, and I know that more will follow.

I had the chance to attend a staff meeting. Keep in mind that this is my first one, and I had high expectations. When it took place, it surpassed them beyond my own benchmark. discussing all our usual things, it came to the introductions of the new hires. After some time, it wound up with my boss Mr. Eric Hoffman…who instantly introduced me. Let me say this….

That moment felt awkward… because almost everyone recognized me from the video they made when they visited Qatar Foundation (here is the link). You’ll see me somewhere around the 2:30 mark. Apparently, according to Ms. Amanda Palmer, that short segment has been used for making many of their video pitches…and even Ms. Maggie Kim recalls it as well. It’s been reinforced by the editors who’ve been making the video content for the DFI site.


What’s even better was the venue of our meeting – and it’s also our future offices. I couldn’t even photograph the place as security cautioned me, but one of my colleagues told me that everyone has to carry a permit if they want to. It looks to be the “Best Kept Secret” of Qatar. Luckily, I managed to snap a few good pictures of the place – not being caught by the security guard and the cameras. All I can say that it’s a breathtaking beauty, and will be the most lively place when the festival arrives.

Let me describe the offices – It’s almost like how new rising start-ups are. Lots of open spaces with room to customize the layout and divisions, but we’re not even going to erect plaster walls. DFI likes its vibrant and active culture where everyone is on the same page. Did I mention that it’s colorful?

Right now, I’m based at the W Residences. You’d think that I’m spoilt with luxury, but the most frustrating thing is the Internet bandwidth available to us. A LAN cable is much faster than WiFi, as it’s proven to be a hassle to browse on it. We’re looking forward to moving to our new office, as we’re going to have fiber-optic powering our blistering net (My colleague told me that one fiber-0ptic connection is being dedicated to a restaurant nearby. What the hell do they want it for?). We’ll be needing it, as we’ll be uploading a lot of video content that’s equivalent to YouTube processing new ones every day.


We’re halfway through the summer, and summer school has come to an end. I didn’t attend at all as I had been busy headhunting for an internship. Those who went to Pittsburgh will be returning after the 4th of July celebrations. As for those who did it here in Qatar, they have either flown out of the country to escape to possible sweltering heat that may arise or have begun their internships lasting till mid-August.

What’s going to be the kicker is that Orientation 2010 is taking place in the 1st week of Ramadan. Talk about it being the cheapest of all the one already held –  the bulk of the money always goes to the food. At-least the QF International Orientation is just days before the nightmare begins. Sad to say this, but after a couple of years, there will only be one Eid holiday in the Fall semester; Ramadan will shift towards the Summer and will take Eid-Al-Fitr with it. So, it’s bye-bye to 2 Eid holidays for future students.


Until next time…


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