Chocking up

It was nice passing by campus today, and quite a cacophony reverberated across the building – stretching from the food court on the Carnegie side to the Moot Board Room area near Admissions on the Mellon side. All this on top of summer school being in session.

One end has the Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation’s 1st Translation Conference, and I saw Omar manning the table as the Sales Exec selling the books. Their 2 interns, the lovely Nada and Maryam (both Twitter-holics), we’re doing most if not all the work – not to mention that they’ll be headed to London for a while. Rasha wasn’t even there to give Omar company, and he was busy brandishing his iPad infront of everyone. He even confessed about spending a good amount of his income on Apple products, and that drove him to near monthly bankruptcy. *sigh* When will people learn to avoid the reality distortion field that Apple creates with its hype?

On the other hand, the 3rd annual Business Plan Competition was taking and was sponsored graciously by the following:

  • Qatari Businessmen Association
  • Vodafone
  • ictQatar
Did I leave any company out?
Good thing about this year is that there are 3 student teams who have prepped hard to present and hope to win the seed funding as well as mentorship and facilities at the QSTP. Pretty good deal, from where I stand to see it.It won’t be done until tomorrow, so I’ll have more on it when I head to campus.
Digressing a little off topic, I began to work on my next infographic. Courtesy of Facebook, I nabbed data of the CMUQ fan page and busy sifting through it and finding what I want. Not an easy thing to do, especially when you see soo many numbers that you’d confuse your age with it – women might confuse their body weight.
We’ll see what’s in store for tomorrow at CMUQ, as both of these events reach their “epic” conclusion.

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