Spring 2010 comes to a close

I know I missed my previous week’s entry but have i got a lot for all of you.

  1. A very fortunate friend of mine came back to Doha as he chose to graduate with the friends he initially made when he joined CMU. Though he left this campus to pursue his passion for finance, the empty gulf within him drew him back here. Not to mention how much he missed Arabian food, especially chilli labneh from Turkey Central. Good thing Arsalan and Wishwesh were at hand to help receive him at the airport but we also got a consolation prize of Rezwan accompanying him on that very same flight.

    Why? Rezwan was handpicked out of a large pool to be flown to the New York Tribeca Film Festival’s screenwriter’s workshop – a chance to turn your masterpiece into a full-blown big-screen short film that will debut alongside other big-budgeted movies at the 2nd annual Doha Tribeca Film Festival. Good thing he’s pursuing what he likes and his struggle also got him to meet….Jessica Alba. Apparently, he recalls the night when she knocked at his door asking for sugar but he wasn’t even awake to process it. Too bad Shakir doesn’t even know about this tidbit – I think he’d stick to Rezwan hoping he gets to meet her.

  2. After 14 weeks of struggle and hard work – not to mention the fact that the results only culminated in the final weeks of classes – not only was our project demo a success but we were also awarded “Best IS Poster 2010” at Carnegie Mellon Qatar’s Meeting of the Minds. Quite a feat, and I have the PM and the QA manager to thanks for this. Maryam was busy studying for her exam the very next day. Luckily, I have the photo of the trophy – there’s only one and we chose to give it to the PM.
  3. I’m still without an internship and back to the very same vicious cycle. I don’t know what the hell is going on but I don’t even get close to an interview call.
  4. Parents are not even here…again.
  5. Now I’m thinking what should I do if nothing works out?

That’s all I bring to you my fellow readers. Tune into my sporadic posts over the summer till we return to the weekly ones in fall 2010. Happy summer holidays to all!


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