Almost…the last stretch

We’re only 2 weeks away till we end the Spring 2010 semester and then it’s Graduation 2010 followed by the Qatar Foundation Senior Convocation 2010. All I’m going to say is that half the guys will be skipping the concert performance as it’s not what the seniors have voted. I’m joining them on this escapade. Luckily, Siddharth will be here for a while as his last wish as a college student is to graduate with his class here in Qatar – even if he has made it big after being offered a position on Wall Street. The coming week will be packed with work and deadlines as we seek to improve our ways to get that grade people need, leading into the finals week.


To lighten up the mood, I happen to have a basket of things to write for this week.

  1. Yesterday would have been the most lively 4 hours of bustling entertainment and fun across Education City as international Day took place at Carnegie Mellon Qatar. You don’t want to know how many pictures I’ve taken as i lost count – just know that it was 2 SD cards full. I even managed to have taken rapid-fire snapshots of fast performances though some came out part blurry but showed detail in other parts. It’s almost like watching a stopmotion film but you’ll have to click faster to see it in complete fluidity.

    Wanna have a look at them? Head over to my profile for the albums – link is on my ‘About Me’ page.

  2. My team’s Meeting of The Minds poster was approved for submission, so now we have to do some changes before it goes to print for the booklet and then up for display when the day comes. Here’s praying that we win best poster.
  3. With next week being the last of classes, it’s the usual crunch time that kicks in. Along with hosting an event for the admitted students to convince them of enrolling into Carnegie Mellon, things are really being taken up a notch or more.
  4. Got an Info Design project to finish followed by a smaller individual project to cap it off that will be due in final’s week.

So that’s it for this week’s entry. Tune into next week’s as I’m bound to have even more.

P.S: If you guys haven’t signed up to Dropbox YET, you can do it from here: Dropbox Invite. Make sure you also install the client software so that you get the bonus. It’ll save you a lot of hassle if you ever left files at home.


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