You’d think that writing a post on this very date would create some sort of a fracas just to keep the mood? April 1st passed by, so I choose to recollect all that I’ve done over the past days into this entry.

It’s been quite a laborious week but next week gets even tighter. Just running around managing things along with my work isn’t hectic enough. Working on my software development project goes by, but when you try to figure out how to generate PDFs, it’s not as daunting as it seems…IT’s WORSE. Seeking out the original creator of the plugin, I ended up on their Google groups, only to get lambasted by them for posing technical questions with an ultimatum of being banned if I am to even comment one more iota related to the matter. Haven’t even responded to them with an apology so I thought I’d lay low till it cools off. Luckily, I found another tutorial but that didn’t even work. I follow them step by step but they don’t work – WHY? Then a miracle happened as I got it working on a sample project. Sigh of relief for myself and my teammates, as I now focus on bringing that success to the actual project files.

As for design work, good thing we have a final project as a map. What better place to pick than the harbor infront of the Souk? Our preliminary visit yielded a lot of questions that we fielded to our class, and we realized that we need to extensively research more about the surrounding area if we want to encapsulate the true story of the place that will superimpose the map we create.

I realised that the weekend is the most priceless thing I look forward to. Just hours ago I was having a nice long insightful chat with Arsalan and Abid over some ColdStone. Arsi and I were remembering the times we spent in the Cornell building, especially when we never broke ground on our space and it was our last year in the Cornell building. then we remembered the key event that really made our day – CMU’s version of SURVIVOR, just like the Reality TV series. I’ve been scourging for the original photos but I know I have them as an album on Facebook; just getting to it will take like who knows how many clicks as I have the record number of albums here. I decided to be generous and save you the effort by giving you the short URL: Enjoy it if you want to find out the experience – if any of you graduating seniors missed this event when you were freshmen, you’ll realize how much of your college life has passed by that you have never explored.

Along with that, we even talked about a lot of things we wanted to pursue, but those will remain a dream…FOR NOW!

It also reminds me that with every class that has come in, they never truly appreciate the history that we have lived through as they have become soo self-centered and arrogant int heir own pride. They don’t even know how much of a tightly knit community we were when we had a complete turnout for events taking place, with the opposite in the current time period; people have reclused themselves to cliques and introverted groups that seek not to learn from others and adapt, but think that their way is the right way – kind of like any average American who is unaware what’s happening outside their country that think that we should ‘liberate’ them of oppression. One day, this will be their undoing, as I see the community liveliness withering away but I’ll be long gone before the university-equivalent of the financial meltdown takes floods the college.

Right now, I’ve got a lot of preparations for the coming week with the following ever-growing bucket list:

  1. Get the PDF exporter working with my web project.
  2. Prepare for one hell of an exam happening on Thursday
  3. Continue searching for intern opportunities for the Summer.
  4. See what an impact I can make to kind of close the semester with a high note.
  5. Tina yearns for her cap-shaped dosa, along with those people I’ve taken to Arya’s. In addition, I also have to introduce some people to this amazing savory Indian delicacy – Abid is one of them.

Because I realised how much I’ve learned from the past days, I thought it’s best that I close this entry with a quote that really shows the inner conscience of humanity that people never take the time to peer with depth:

The human voice can never reach the distance that is covered by the still, small voice of conscience.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Till next time!

P.S: I’d appreciate that you sign up to Dropbox using this link and you’ll also get extra space. You won’t have to carry USBs as everything moves with you across the Net. Just drag and drop through Windows, Mac or Linux! Watch their video for a demo.


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