Worst is over…and the nightmare has yet to end

*sigh* the worst is partially over. The Carnegie Mellon career fair that we proudly call Professional Day was an immense success – with over 49 companies represented across industries in the region. Only one short of the magic number 50, but still a feat. No other campus can boast of such an accomplishment. CMba was heavily involved in coordinating the day-to-day logistics and scheduling the Professional Ambassadors to assist the companies in any way; our way of giving them a window to interact with them.

In addition, I had the hassle of being a last-minute supervisor as I offered my generous servicesto coordinate the policing of all entrances so that we avoid having any gatecrashers (Last thing we want is to have people from other colleges come and mingle with our students as they hunt for their careers).

I had a nice long chat with some of the companies there, as I only narrowed my focus to some 7 companies out of the 49. Also, CMba was proud to distribute its own emblazoned giveaway in the form of a pen. A thank you for attending our career fair, and they not only walked away with smiles but also something to remember that will make them come back to take our students…..along with our giveaways.


Now, onward to the ‘interesting stuff. I realized that I have a bucket list of things to as I had promised people so I’m listing them out here

  1. Tina yearns for her cap-shaped dosa, along with those people I’ve taken to Arya’s. In addition, I also have to introduce some people to this amazing savory Indian delicacy.
  2. Maya’s still harks me to come and eat their chocolate, and I’ve yet to grab the 2 ladies who accosted me the previous time.
  3. Keeping pace with the academic work has gone well, but now is the time I begin shifting the weighted importance.

I’m happy that academically, things are going my way but others are not working out as expected. I’ll wait and see where time will take me.


That’s it for now!


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