The only way out of hell….is right through it!

What you read above is literally the journey that I’ve had over the past 2 weeks in the absence of my parents. To top it off with spending sleepless nights in the hospital with my brother for contracting a serious case of poisoning from the school. Stuffing in the work that I’ve had to catchup…and still trying to. Not forgetting to mention the preparations that I have to do for the coming weeks.

You’d think that I’m living every college student’s worst nightmare to ever unfold in front of their eyes. The truth is….I’ve just lived through 3 seasons of 24 in the past 3 days. The rest were all mashups of Lost, 24, Naruto, Survivor, Bones, Numb3rs, CSI:Miami, Heroes, Prison Break, Fringe, and…….I could go on with the shows I’ve watched that I can help to relate and visualize. I’ll leave that task to you!

As if runnign around like a chicken without its head wasn’t bad enough, luck has not been favoring me at all for the past 3 years. Why do you ask? I realised that keeping this inside of me is only going to make it worse, so I’m going uncut for this moment:

1) I haven’t gone on a single college trip that I’ve applied to for the past 3 years, and hoping that there would be a trip to Spain…that’s been called of as well. Talk about luck, and I leave these forsaken walls of academia in December. I doubt that there will be another trip.

2) Internship and employment for me hasn’t worked out for me over the years, no matter how much I follow every word to the detail for the advice and tips that I receive.

3) My MacBook Pro is dented near the power socket, but that doesn’t bother me. People who own macs will be crying over such a thing, clinging it as if it’s their baby. So what if you paid more that a trashy notebook that will just sound like a jet engine on steroids? It still works for me – except for the bulge that sticks out on top and my screen only closes so much.

You’d think that I’m whinning right now that this is one life you don’t want to live. Question is….where do you draw the line? Is there even one, or just an illusion to believe? I think I lived through both fantasy and reality merged into one world that I can’t even tell the difference. Not to mention that…….that……..I’m just sighing with relief that this is over. For now…. Who knows what else is in store?

So I leave this post with this closing remark….Can you really differentiate fantasy and reality from your facet of life?


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