Come and Gone

As I write this, it’s only 2 days before I head back to the furore of academic load. I’m midway through the Spring semester, and I also have the liberty of having a torrential downpour of things I’ve been conscripted into the moment classes begin.

Firstly, QALTA returns for season 2 as we welcome another batch of students visiting from our Pittsburgh campus. Second, some Tepper MBA students will be gracing us with their presence as I have to provide photography coverage – Flickr is gong to have its work cut out as I also have to upload pictures from February but our free quota was filled up to the point. Talk about hitting the bullseye! Finally, I’ve again been selected to participate in the Internal Case Competition. Not resting on my laurels of winning last year’s outing, I thought I’d give it a 2nd try; however, we also have a Pittsburgh student thrown into the mix, and this also applies to 3 other teams. Did I mention that there are more teams this year compared to last year? I’m talking 6!

In other news, I’m all home alone with my brother for at-least 2 weeks as my parents have flown out to India for an emergency. Compounding it with my commitment to drop and pick up my brother from school, mixing it with household chores and the hectic load in the coming weeks (that’s right….photography, case competition…and how could I forget the technical coding of my Software Development project?), this is one roller coaster ride that I won’t be bailing out from. I won’t be needing bailout funds to save myself…but rather the time flexibility. It’s another 24 hour-like run for the Jack Bauer in me. Guess I’m going to make those painkillers regret their very existence.

Well, I’m off to my slumber. Have to get my routine back as I’m now the one supporting the household in the absence of my parents for the coming 2 weeks.

Ta Ta For Now!


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