Keeps getting better…

So now I’m in the first day of Spring Break. How fortunate that CMQ and the other campuses decided to push it forward by having it inline with the only other campus that has it early…Georgetown. I have the ominous task of working during the break to begin implementation of our Software Development Project implementation.

Concurrently, two different trips are now taking place and both are going to opposite corners of the world – Pittsburgh & Singapore. Our Pittsburgh entourage are part of the IMPAQT (Initiating Meaningful Pittsburgh And Qatar Ties) initiative that started off from last year’s students who came from the main campus. The good thing is that their IMPQAT entourage will be accompanied by our students when they come here. On the other hand, the Singapore entourage are visiting our partnering institution SIngapore Management University that has a partnering agreement with CMQ.

It’s my luck that I’ve been REJECTED from every trip that I’ve applied to after my Pittsburgh trip in Spring 2007. I really wanted to go to Singapore because I wanted to look into SMU for graduate school….but they also took people who went on trips last year (think Morocco and Thailand). I haven’t even gone on one and I’m not even going to bother applying for Vietnam….3 strikes is more than enough – a fourth one is better off kicking me out of this place. I’ve given up from squandering my efforts that might not bore fruit.

Then again, what else is new?

U.S Secretary of Energy Steven Chu visited our campus yesterday…another high profile visitor from the Obama Administration. Our college seems to be getting better visitors to come out here to the Middle East – Qatar Foundation to be more specific. What a tiring week but also a very good semester, that came with the best surprise……NO FINALS FOR ME! Finally I can savor the joy on the other side of the fence.

A very exhausting week and this is all that I can transcribe.

Until Next Time


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