In the aftermath…


Here I am in the aftermath of a deluge of bombarding work and some chillling time.

Hillary’s visit to the campus drew quite a large crowd but her rhetorical responses to questions fielded by the youthful audience and the Al Jazeera anchor elicited one thing….


In my view……I’d call it blasphemous ranting of recycled ideas.

We do live in the Middle East but there are still questions to be answered besides drumming up support from people who are in good relations with the so-called ‘axis of evil’.

How ironic is it that she was interviewed by the very champion of speech in the Middle East that was labeled as “the mouthpiece of terrorism” by the preceding Bush Administration? Don’t forget that they expressed the intent of BOMBING THEIR HQ IN THE CITY. Imagine if they did so especially when they had some of their foreign dignitary/envoy being interviewed…..massive politicised collatoral damage on the diplomatic scale.

The Obama Administration is not only in damage control but also reeling in from the blunders of their predecessors. Yet they are doing as much outreach to not only mend and defend, but also support. I’ve wondered if the benevolence of the U.S came from their historical times when pilgrims escaped the British dictatorship to the new land, realizing that no other nation should suffer their same fate.

If anyone’s interested to see it all, you can always visit Al Jazeera English for more of the Carnegie Mellon Qatar’s Facebook Fan page – you can also get to their Twitter and Flickr pages from there as well.

Just one more week and it’s a nice long Spring Break for myself but still he opportunity to jump ahead.

Till we meet again….


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