Sunday, a date with….

So I got an email from our associate dean, saying that Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will be visiting Carnegie Mellin Qatar for an exclusive ‘town hall’ style meeting. Moments ago, her husband was hospitalized and she may delay her trip by a day.

This leads me to some questions:
WHY is she even coming to our college?
What makes our college so special compared to our rivals?

Before, any politcal figure either visited Texas A&M or Georgetown. We were always on the backburner. The only name we can brag out now is Bill Gates, who graced our walls last Spring as the ICTD Keynote Speaker.
Hopefully, if she does come to our campus, we have another one to brag – I’m still trying to get an exclusive ticket entry so that I can live tweet the whole meeting. Expecting to use my Marketing & Publuc Relations employment to leverage my entry…….*crossing my fingers*.

I almost forgot….WE HAVE THE BEST BUILDING IN THE ENTIRE EDUCATION CITY CAMPUS. A testament to the numerous events that we have hosted and it’s a balance between funtional flow and aesthetic beauty to marvel.
Chalk one up for the good guys.

Hopefully if I’m selected, follow Carnegie Mellon Qatar on Twitter for a live stream of updates. I’ll be posting a full blog entry describing the details; Twitter can only handle so many words in a tweet.

Till next time…!

*UPDATE: Hillary Clinton did push back her visit to Monday. I though she wanted to exclusivelyy meet CMU students but even Georgetown & Northwestern were given invitations (they even apply to us). Haven’t been selected but now trying other avenues to gain entry as I’m waitlisted.*


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