Back in the game

It’s been a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG TIME that I came back to the blogging spotlight. Something inside of me said that I should go back to writing in some form.

I never realized just how intriguing poetry and reading could have a profound influence in my life that I conjure up dark-tone storis that almost resemble graphic novels and comics. I’m a big time comic book afficionado, and reading is in my blood.

No wonder that I’ve been able to write anything that I improvise that can stand on its own as an indepedent piece of work. Right now, I’m already drafting a sort of film-noir style story revolving around people I know at Northwestern University in the frame of being unknown heroes. May sound a little cliched but guess I know how much comics, cartoons, movies and even TV series like Heroes could influence my train thought.

Until next time….


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